Kronia Chapter Four: A New World?

RoynVak was confused. First thing was first. He was tired and the sun was setting. What he needed to figure out was where he would spend the night. RoynVak walked away from the ocean. He walked farther and farther, but he had no place to go. Finally, he came to an apple tree. RoynVak realized that he wasn’t on the beach any more.

RoynVak plucked an apple from the tree and ate it. It tasted surprisingly sweet. Before RoynVak knew it, he was asleep.

RoynVak woke up the next day, to a wolf sniffing him. RoynVak had never seen a wolf, and he was scared to death. RoynVak jumped up and grabbed the nearest stick. He threw it at the wolf. The wolf ran away. RoynVak didn’t think much of the wolf.

RoynVak was hungry, so he ate more apples.

Once he was satisfied, he started off again. He walked farther and farther, until he came to a swamp. RoynVak jumped in and swam to the other side.

RoynVak then saw a city. RoynVak ran until he came to the streets. There he saw another animal. It didn’t look like him exactly, but it was shorter, and had smaller eyes. It also had hair over its eyes. It looked like one of those aliens on TV called humans.

He talked to it, and it said that its name was Tim. It asked what RoynVak’s name was.

RoynVak,” RoynVak replied.

Why that’s a hard name to say,” said Tim.

You know what’s hard to say, Tum, or whatever it’s called!” replied RoynVak.

It’s RunVuck that’s difficult to say,” said Tim.

The name’s RoynVak, not RunVuk,” replied RoynVak.

Okay. Can I call you Roy?” asked Tim.

Sure,” replied Roy, “I guess I will have to call you Tim, how about TithWing?”

Too complicated,” replied Tim.

Okay,” said Roy.

The two boys continued talking. Eventually, Tim asked Roy this question: “Where do you live?”

I am not quite certain,” said Roy, who had learned to talk like the people in their time.

Why how can you not know where you live?” asked Tim.

I thought I lived on Hronvibe, but apparently not,” replied Roy.

Where in the world is Hronvibe?” asked Tim.

Well it is certainly not anywhere in this world, or near this world,” replied Roy.

Well if you don’t live on this world, then where will you spend the night?” asked Tim.

In the woods I suppose,” replied Roy.

Tim’s face change from happy to horrified. “What?” asked Roy.

Wolves,” replied Tim, “Haunted by packs and packs of wolves.”

Oh,” said Roy, “Is that the dog like creature that was trying to eat me?”

Tim nodded. “I suggest you sleep in one of the empty houses. But sleep in one of the back rooms, away from windows and doors.”

Why?” asked Roy.

Someone might hear you and report you to the person who rents out the houses,” replied Tim, “I’ll meet you at the break of dawn by the door,”

Thanks,” Roy said. Then he ran to an empty house and snuck into a back room.

Once A Week

I know that I have been publishing stories whenever I finished each chapter, but now I am changing that. Now I will only publish one chapter per week. I will try to do it on Mondays, but I might forget and do it another day that week. That’s all for now. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

Kronia Chapter Three: Red Liquid And Blue Liquid

RoynVak ran to his hangout. He read through his reminders. He ran back to his house and told his dad he was taking a nap. Then RoynVak snuck outside. RoynVak even packed a backpack with some stuff.

RoynVak ran until he got to the mountains. He climbed up them really quickly. He ran across the white floor. He got to the cave. He took off his bag. He took his jar out and scooped up the amazing substance that had brought him there. To his amazment, the subtance turned red, when before it was blue.

RoynVak saw a warthog come in the cave and drink the red substance. The warthog walked away unharmed. Another warthog came in just as the substance turned blue again. The warthog drank it, and was also fine. RoynVak decided to try some himself. He drank it. RoynVak felt the same, but the liquid tasted good. Suddenly, RoynVak felt a pull. Somehow, he was getting sucked into the pool of the liquid.

RoynVak swam under. He saw an opening on the bottom of the pool. Somehow, the pool was deep, and the substance was see-through. RoynVak swam to the opening. He popped up on the other side. On the other side, he was on a beach.

RoynVak was confused. How did he get there? The substance had disappeared? The beach looked peaceful. But where was he?

Kronia Chapter Two: Mount Kronic

When RoynVak woke up, he slipped to his hangout. He was going out for a mountain hike. But first he needed an excuse. RoynVak decided he would say he was going swimming, a popular sport on planet Hronvibe.

RoynVak went into his house, told his dad, and set off. RoynVak first walked in the direction of the swimming pool as his dad was watching. RoynVak changed courses as his dad went back inside.

RoynVak had always wondered what was behind the mountains, the adults acted as if it was horrifying. RoynVak climbed up the mountain side, he knew he could stay however long he wanted. Aliens on Hronvibe went to the swimming pool in the morning and came back after the day was over.

RoynVak climbed up the mountain, and looked behind the mountains. He was amazed to see, well, nothing. There was nothing at all. Just blank white space.

RoynVak climbed down. Yes, there was ground. RoynVak ran on the ground, seeing if anywhere he could find something. Finally, he saw a cave.

RoynVak crept into the cave. Instantly, he knew he would be coming back. And wouldn’t saying a word about it. RoynVak ran back to the mountain, climbed up, and went swimming.

RoynVak decided to call the cave Mount Kronic, even though it was a cave, the rock looked like a mountain.

RoynVak had a good time swimming, he swam all day, and went home. He decided not to come back to the mountain until a week or two later.

RoynVak forgot about his journey, and got caught up with school. He got more As, and Bs.

RoynVak swam better and better every day, and finally one day remmebered his discovery.

Kronia Chapter One: Planet Hronvibe

Once, there was a little alien family, who lived in Vronvick city, Hronvibe. In that family was a child named RoynVak. All aliens had two letters capitalized in their names: YarMund, LinGa, ISa, OpSrets, and so on and so on. RoynVak always liked to learn, and was always slow at learning, but since he did extra work, he was smarter then most of the children. He was very short, but his species was very tall, up to 20 feet tall if you were an adult, he was only six feet tall.

One day, RoynVak went to school, and everything had changed, the classrooms, where he sat, and the lunchroom.

RoynVak was used to change, but this much had never happened. He got a C on a test, and he got an F on another.

RoynVak was annoyed, but he wouldn’t let one test ruin his mood. He went to the library, and studied up.

The next day he got only straight As and he was in a very good mood.

He happily walked home. He thought about what it might be like to have friends, he never had any of his own, the aliens of Hronvibe thought that short aliens were dirty, and unclean.

RoynVak went into his house and lied down on his bed in his room. RoynVak set his test papers on his piles, As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs, (the Fs pile was very, very, VERY, small).

RoynVak loved adventuring, but he normally had to do it by himself, adventuring was forbidden on planet Hronvibe. RoynVak snuck out of his room. He crept past his sisters. He slid past his dad and brothers. He jogged by his mom. He slipped outside.

RoynVak went into his hangout, what he had built incase he ever got any friends. He had a hidden compartment behind his dresser. He pulled back his dresser and pulled out his plans and read them through.

When he was done, he set up anything that was needed he put his extra keys in the hidden compartment, left the set for his friend that he hadn’t met in the back of the drawer in his dresser. He drew a diagram of what he was going to do. He made a lot of preparations for the next day, which was a weekend.

Penguin On Land Chapter 4

Daren was getting older, and spring had arrived, he was turning two. At that point Daren was STARTING to notice the females. Daren’s hut was good for him, if he wanted some cold fish he had a built in freezer, and food pantry.

One day when Daren was taking a swim, he was aware that his hut wasn’t empty. There was another male, older, by about two years, that was taking his wife into Daren’s house. Daren did not like this.

Daren got out of the water and knocked the older male on its butt. He got up and knocked Daren off he feet, with a bad injury to the head.

The sister of the thief of Daren’s house saw all this, from a good view in the water. She swam over to Daren. She lugged Daren onto shore so he could breathe. She was Daren’s age, and hadn’t been noticing males, until she saw Daren. She went to the other side of the iceberg, so her brother could see, and she made a hut for Daren, and herself, if they ever became mates.

Just as Daren sat up, the house was finished. Daren was still in a daze, but he was still partially awake. He barely saw Raena, the thief’s sister, but at a slight glance he knew that it was her.

Daren sat in his new hut for the rest of the day, he fell asleep quickly, and stored some fish.

Daren, whenever he could, he stored food in his freezer Daren’s days seemed slow, he had no real friends in this place, Raena was the only penguin his age, and he kept getting robbed of food.

Daren kept getting fonder and fonder of Raena, he was two and three-quarters, and winter was coming, after winter, was his third birthday, the mating year for his species.

Daren longed to get back home for mating year, but he was completely trapped, how would he get to Antarctica in just three months?

Daren decided he would try to get his food back from his old house, if there was any left. He got out of his house, covered up his food with snow and ice, and quietly slipped into the water, he saw Raena’s brother on the far side of the water. He peeked into his old house, the freezer was empty. He swam back to his house. On that journey, he decided that he was 100 percent sure, that he wanted Raena as his wife.

Wolf The Dog Chapter 6

In overtime, Maryland won the coin toss and chose to receive. They kneeled and got the ball at their own 20 and a touchdown or field goal would win it. They threw the ball and got 20 yards. They ran the ball for another 10. They threw it 23 more. They needed 27 yards for a touchdown. They got sacked and needed 35 yards for a touchdown. They ran the ball for 10 yards but still needed 8. So it was 3rd and 8. They threw it for 6 and shot a field goal. They made the field goal. Then, they kicked off and Ohio simply threw a 60 yard pass and scored a field goal.

The score was 31-31 in overtime and Maryland had the ball at the 50 yard line. They threw a 15 yard pass for a first down. They got sacked 3 times in a row and had to kick a field goal from 60 yards away. They set up the field goal unit and shot the field goal and nearly hit too low and to the left but miraculously they made the field goal. They all ran off the field with excitement and that was the end of the game. Wolf barked as if he was saying, “That was a good game.”

Just then Susan and their mom came into the house with groceries, gifts, a new dress for Susan, and some other stuff.

Then, Ralph finally came down the steps from his nap and mumbled, “Hi.”

“Hi,” Susan said cheerfully. Wolf ran and sniffed Susan. Phil showed Ralph his mannequin and Ralph forced a weak smile. Wolf walked over to Ralph and sniffed him.

“It’s just Ralph, Wolf,” Phil said. Wolf barked. Phil gave Wolf some dog food as Wolf lapped up some spilled water, which made Phil feel it was best for him to give Wolf some clean water. Phil looked at the clock. He saw that is was 4:15 and he just shrugged.

Wolf kept walking from Phil to Ralph, Phil to Ralph, as if he was trying to remember something or figure out something. Wolf just kept doing that until he just plainly walked over and sat down next to Phil’s mannequin (man-a-kin). “Do you want me to shake it?” Phil asked.

Wolf barked as if to say “Yes.” Phil shook the mannequin hand and Wolf quickly shook his paw. To Phil it seemed like Wolf was in love with his mannequin . Phil’s mom said they would have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Phil thought about how Wolf learned to shake hands so quickly.

Wolf walked into the living room and since he was bored. Phil followed. Wolf jumped onto the couch and Phil naturally started petting him.

Phil’s dad came downstairs and asked, “Phil, wanna take a quick walk with Wolf?”

When Wolf heard his name, he looked up.

“Sure,” Phil replied. Phil picked up Wolf’s leash and attached it to his collar and then Phil and his dad walked out the door.

When they were outside Phil, Wolf, and Phil’s father, saw Robert and his father walking Spot. Immediately, Wolf tried to run towards Spot, but the leash wasn’t long enough so Wolf just got caught. Phil walked forward while still holding the leash so Wolf could reach Spot. The four of them started walking together and talking together. They hadn’t walked very far when they came to a parked truck, but not just any truck, a ‘U-HAUL’ truck. The kind of truck that you use for moving in or out. They watched as a man who looked like he might be a father, took some bikes out of the truck, but not just any bikes, two adult size bikes and one bike that looked like a kid’s bike, a kid about Phil’s age. The door of the house opened and a boy about Phil’s age walked out. He saw Phil and walked over to greet him. “Hello,” the boy said. “My name is Thomas, what’s your name?”

“Phil,” Phil replied.

“Robert,” Robert replied.

“Cool,” Thomas said “nice to meet you.” Thomas shook hands with both Phil and Robert.

Phil whispered some words to Wolf and then, to his surprise, Wolf did exactly what Phil told him to do. He held out his paw and barked to get Thomas’ attention. Thomas looked down and saw Wolf’s paw and shook it. “Phil, I didn’t know that you taught him to do that, when did you do that?” Robert asked.

Phil smiled, “Oh,” he said, “that? Eh, I did it today and yesterday.”

“Cool,” Robert replied.

“Well,” Phil said, “I think we should go. I’ll bet it’s almost 5:00.”

“Yeah,” said Robert, “we should. Bye.”

“Bye,” Phil said.

“Bye, nice to meet ya,” Thomas replied.

Phil and his dad, and Robert and his dad, walked to their houses.

To be continued. . .

Wolf The Dog Chapter 5

Phil followed Wolf to where Phil’s family kept the recyclables. Wolf sat down and Phil thought, “Maybe I can make Wolf shake hands with a mannequin, but how?”

Phil dug into the recyclables and got out some cardboard. Phil thought, “If I put this piece here and then I can cut out the fingers, how do I then attach the hand to the main piece?”

Phil cut out fingers for his mannequin and tried to bend a piece of cardboard where an arm’s elbow would be. He succeeded. Phil taped the arm he had made to a bigger piece of cardboard and cut a hole through the bigger piece so he could operate the mannequin’s hand. Phil said, “Wolf.” Wolf looked up and saw what Phil had just made.

Wolf got up and looked carefully at the mannequin hand and smelled the hand. Phil held his breath.

Slowly and carefully, Wolf put his paw on the mannequin’s hand and shook it. Phil said, “Good dog.” Wolf looked like he was smiling, and this time Wolf didn’t look for a treat. Phil smiled also.

Susan came in and saw what Phil had made. “What is it?” Susan asked.

Just watch,” Phil said, “Wolf?” This time Wolf immediately shook the mannequin hand.

Oh, cool,” Susan said.

Wolf then walked into the living room and jumped onto the couch. Phil followed. Phil’s mom said, “I’m going shopping. Susan, do you want to come with me?”

Sure, I will.” Susan said.

When they left, Wolf just sat there on the couch. Phil started petting Wolf and slowly Wolf dozed off into the wonderful world of dreams. Phil continued petting Wolf, even though he was asleep.

Slowly Phil got up and stopped petting Wolf. “Two o’clock? When will today stop going so quickly?”

Suddenly, Wolf woke up, jumped off the couch, and nearly knocked Phil over. Then, Wolf chased his tail for a second and then fell over. Phil laughed. “You’re funny,” he said. Wolf got up. Phil’s dad came down the stairs.

Wanna watch some college football?” Phil’s dad asked.

Sure,” said Phil. Phil’s dad turned on the television. He switched the channels and then the two of them settled down on the couch. The teams were the University Of Maryland VS. Ohio State. The score was, Maryland 3, Ohio 0. Ohio had the ball at the Maryland 45 yard line. It was 2nd and 8. Ohio’s quarterback threw a pass but it was dropped. 3rd and 8 and Ohio handed it off to the running back. He faked right. He faked left. He ran through the middle and got the first down.

The Ohio quarterback threw a long pass down the field. It was intercepted! The Maryland player faked left, then ran right. The quarterback ran down the field. He’s at the 40, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5 taken down at the 3 yard line by Ohio’s running back. The Maryland quarterback hands off the ball to the running back. He runs right and he reaches for the pylom. He makes it!

The game kept going on like that until late in the fourth quarter. Maryland had the ball and was losing 21 to 20. Maryland’s quarterback threw the ball to their own 30 and it was intercepted. Ohio’s player ran with the ball and dived into the end zone for a touchdown. All the Maryland fans groaned. Ohio knocked the point after through the uprights. There was 1:30 left in the game and Maryland needed 8 points to win it. Maryland tried to return the kick-off but they failed and got bad field positioning. The snap to their quarterback was a good one. They tried passing it deep and got a good 40 yards. It was at the 45 yard line and Maryland got sacked. From the 39, they came and got sacked again and this time needed 23 yards to get a touch down. This time they got a false start penalty and got backed up 5 more. There they stood on a 3rd and 28 with no timeouts and only 30 seconds left. The Maryland quarterback fires a hail-mary and it is caught! It’s a touchdown for Maryland! But they still need a 2-point conversion. They snap the ball and then get called for being offsides. They were at the 12 yard line and needed a two point conversion. They got sacked! So they had to kick-off and lose the game. They got ready to kick-off with 15 seconds left. They kicked off and it was returned but only to the 7 yard line.

All the Maryland players slumped to the line of scrimmage and then when the ball was snapped with two seconds left there in Ohio, a miracle happened. The quarterback tried to run the ball to the sidelines, but that wasn’t the exciting part. Before the quarterback could get out off bounds, he got pushed into the end zone and got sacked for a safety. Since the score was 28 to 26 before the safety, the score was tied. They had to go into overtime.

To be continued. . .

Wolf The Dog Chapter 4

When they got home, Phil looked at the clock and thought, “12:30 already? Today is whizzing by really quickly.”

Phil made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. While he was going to the table, he saw Susan was also eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He said, ”Hi.”

Hello,” Susan said. Wolf walked into the room. Wolf looked hungry so Phil gave him some dog food.

Wolf happily ate his dog food as Phil was eating his food. Phil thought, “I want to try a handshake with Wolf again.” After both Phil and Wolf were done eating, Phil held out his hand, hoping Wolf would remember when he got a treat. Wolf just sat there, so Phil went and got the treats and shook his own hand and pretended to eat a biscuit.

Phil held out his hand once again. Wolf shook it and Phil gave him a biscuit. Wolf chewed it happily and walked into the living room. “Good job,” Phil said to Wolf. Wolf looked happy.

Phil went up to his room and Wolf followed him. Phil sat on his bed while petting Wolf. Phil said, “Wolf, do you understand that Ralph is sick?” Wolf just barked.

Phil laughed, “Oh, Wolf!” he said, “You’re never going to get it.”

Wolf wagged his tail. To Phil it looked like Wolf didn’t care. Wolf got off Phil’s bed and walked around the room. Phil offered Wolf a handshake, Wolf accepted it. “Wow,” Phil thought, “He’s a fast learner.”

Wolf looked around for a biscuit and Phil said, “No biscuit this time.”

Wolf looked disappointed. Phil started petting him. Phil was getting bored so he walked out of his room. He looked at the clock and thought “1:15? Really? Today is going by really fast!”

Phil went downstairs and saw that Ralph was dozing, and Susan was reading. Wolf walked down the stairs behind Phil. Wolf just walked around the house randomly. “Where are you going?” Phil asked Wolf. To Be Continued…